Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


It's the little things right. My husband, a native of Boulder, Colorado, makes sure recycling is something we do. I am all for recycling and saving the planet. However, I have to tell you it is quite a commitment. Time, consistency. The main thing to me is having the stuff stacked up. I am a neat and tidy type so even a plastic water bottle sitting on the counter on its way out to the recycling bin in the garage can bother me. My inclination is to just put it in the trash and it's gone. I have to make myself think what step is most useful. Recycle or landfill.... We all know.

We all made a trip to our local recycling because not only do we recycle but my husband has taken the step to recycle at his work. There's commitment. I was in because I got lured with my seasonal favorite, a nice Pumpkin Spice Latte - Starbucks,of course. :) The boys were thrilled to get to hit the recycling at a local Park. Interesting, everyone playing tennis, and then the rather large group of us on a Sunday afternoon recycling. Here are the little guys wanting to help Daddy and finally, to see just what happens once it goes in the recycling bin! :) Let me know, how do you reduce, reuse, recycle. May we live lightly.



Blogger Hatushili said...

One small thing I do personally to help steward God's earth has to do with fast food. If I'm sitting down to eat somewhere, I do not need a plastic lid and straw. It's one less thing to go in the landfill, you know?

Also, a big part of why we raise chickens (and soon, goats) is for the lessened impact on the environment, and the lessons we can teach the kids through them. For example, many people waste all sorts of food in a month - bad leftovers, "experiments" that went awry, vegetables going brown... We're able to give all these things to our chickens (they'll eat virtually anything!) and thereby show respect to the God who gave us this bounty, His feathered creatures, and His earth.

Blogger The Lucky One said...

Hatushili, What a great way of looking at it all. Love your ideas about avoiding use of plastics. Thanks for sharing.

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