Friday, October 05, 2007
Hold That Thought... I'm Blogging This
October 12, 2007

It's soooo true! I do love being back to blogging again this year. OK, I took a little break with my blog on "private." And a strange thing occurred, I didn't blog. So there may be something to the wide world of blogging. Though I do this for my family, friends and myself - since I haven't really revealed it totally its just been my little thing. One thing I have learned, it's true, I have gained an awareness. When I had Hands Full Hearts Full on 'private, I didn't sense the urgency to get it all down. I do like that feeling and I am happy to report a keen sense of appreciation and awareness of the everyday of my family life that I cherish all the more. Of course, as I continue to blog, I want to keep the ideal of actually living the moments of family we have and not being so eager to capture the 'eye candy' and 'blog it' so to speak. It is a ball, yet never do I want the actual writing to get in the way of the living. We've been enjoying the outdoors, our state and family so expect that 'eye candy' any post now. Until then, enjoy some sunshine with us.



Blogger Rick said...

Funny cartoon - this stuff is a little addicting.

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