Friday, September 28, 2007
Twin Brothers Will Have Fun
Twin brothers will have fun no matter what!
The latest game the boys love to play is "got ya!" As in, "look there's a star!" - "ah, got you to look." "no, look there's a hummer." "ha, got you to look." And so it goes.
Sometimes I need to quit thinking like an adult. These guys are too fun. We had the day-after Harvest Moon to goo-goo over tonight and then their
little game. It occurred to me as we wearily arrived home, that I could have joined in more than I did. They do teach me to enjoy each moment of each
day. So as I slowly was letting my guard down, thinking how dog-gone cute they are.... I "dropped" them off at the foot of our drive way as we were playing
the Bus Game. This consists of me picking them up for the bus ride and dropping them off. It's a fun game and I'm all for imagination. This is right about the time
I get myself in to the "twin spin" trouble. In the sixty-seconds it took me to 'park' the car and grab my purse, the 'little darlings' began to make "Jet Planes" out of their Happy Meal Boxes. Dear Lord, how do their minds work! In and of itself, it would have been cute except that in the boxes were the milk bottles, ketchup packets, etc. because I had actually confirmed that they had picked up their trash before "exiting" the bus. In no time, the yard, the front yard mind you, looked nothing less than looted. The boys had a little cleaning to do. Do any of ya'll struggle with this, when as we say here, "you give 'em an inch, they take a mile!" :) Another blessing I am lucky to live. Just another day in the life.



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