Saturday, September 22, 2007
The Blessed One
The Lucky One. I'm pondering my new blog name. The Lucky One. Lucky you would say in a lot of ways. However, it's just a feeling that I translate which realistically means I am truly blessed by the Lord to have this life, right here, right now. It's a life that is so much more than I could ask or imagine. That is how great God is. Or, as my twin sons say, "God is good all the time."

Right now, I'm pondering this. too. Along with many others, I have added the Sellers family to our prayers as we watch them live out their faith in our Lord at a more than tenuous time. Like many, we sit in awe at our awesome God who prepares us and then answers our prayers as little Copeland gets to go home with her family. As Booth and Conor celebrate each living moment... are we?! Do we each day?! Does something like Trisomy 18 have to come along to get us all to stop and praise the living God who loves us all the same every day, who loves us beyond our human comprehension and understanding.

Generally, I try to keep a sense of the wonder of it all close at hand. So yes, I do feel lucky - really blessed. Yet, aren't we all! Aren't we all The Lucky One or The Blessed One - blessed with His love and mercies which are new every morning. God does use times like Baby Copeland is living out to delineate His love and presence in our lives. Let's grasp it as we pray on for this precious family.

The rest of this weekend I want to just set aside the cares of this world. The things that so easily beset our little family and just imagine that we were bringing our own precious twin sons home from the hospital for the first time with a very unknown time and with the thought that they had already surpassed their life expectancy. May we celebrate each moment with that kind of joy that only comes from heaven and from an amazing God. Afterall, our time is unknown. May we praise Him for each moment each day.



Blogger Following Forward said...

Thanks for stopping by. I loved this post. A great reminder for the day. I was told my little girl had a good chance she had Trisomy 18 as well but thankfully she arrived healthy. I will lift this family up in prayer. Please give updates to how they are doing. :)

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