Friday, October 05, 2007
October with Mickey Mouse :)


We've had a fun and much anticipated night with Mickey Mouse. :) A local restaurant had Mickey Mouse night. We had a ball. The clown lady was fun too with her prizes and activities. And miracle for us, my children actually ate their dinner too! Nothing like Mickey Mouse to ramp up the appetite. I had flashbacks of my own family growing up and our weeks at Disney World. Sounds like its about time to plan our own family holiday to the Magic Kindgom.

It's been a great week. As I am getting back to blogging, I find that I have spurts of lots of post topics and then I have days of quiet that you have just experienced here. There's always a lot to report. For this Friday, I'll leave you with this visual of Mickey Mouse and the cutest twins on the planet! :) Blessings this weekend.



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