Monday, October 15, 2007
"The State Fair!"


"The State Fair!" Somehow, the boys caught me saying "take you to the 'state fair!'" And it is the funniest thing you have
heard to hear us all get going saying it over and again. "The State Fair!" Well, to the state fair we went and it was a ball.
It was the absolute best state fair ever! We were all in wonderland. It's unbelievable the things we got to do in those three
and a half hours. We did everything from milk a cow to ride the ferris wheel to target shooting a real g-u-n. And the twins
both hit the bull's eye! Daddy was next and really close and Mommy was just off the charts. :) Surprise?! Then the food was
a whole other world. We literally ate hush puppies (oh, they were good), chocolate milk (right after we milked our cow ya'll!),
cotton candy, homemade ice cream - butter pecan and vanilla, roasted corn on the cob, fresh honey, and Kettle corn! The
absolute best on earth. We thought it would be worth another days visit just to get the fresh sweet corn on the cob, kettle corn,
etc. ... well, you get the idea.

The twins launched into a full and serious discussion with the Vetenarian about how they could manage being a Vetenarian AND
a firefighter 'because that's what we're going to do.' The Dr. recommended that they become Vetenarians and work at the firestation
as volunteers, and the boys then decided they would become Vetenarians and then work for the firestation and WHEN they rescued
the animals they would take them to their office to treat them.

The guessing game guy guessed one of the twins' weight (we didn't win) and he missed on the other (we won) and he was off on Daddy's age
(we won) so the boys both chose a stuffed animal "firedog." And I, I just stayed clear of the man guessing the age and weight. That was
just fine with me. Afterall, both of the boys got a choice of toy so we really didn't need to win again. ;)

Their love of animals is precious and the look on their faces as we soared to the top of the largest ferris wheel at the fair, were joys I'll never
let go of and cherish forever. Daddy and I were children all over again. Then as they played "Walking in Memphis" at the Ferris Wheel line,
(can you tell that was a favorite) my sweet husband grabbed me right at the top-of-the-town for a smooch-of-all-smooches! Meanwhile, just look
at the faces of the Twins at the very tip-top peering over the fair! I'll never forget their faces. It was a night to remember!



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