Sunday, December 16, 2007
A Christmas Rain, Cold and Time Marches On :)
We've just gotten exactly what our great state needed - a nice and steady Christmas rain. It's cold and we're loving it. We're in a good spot this eight days before Christmas. Packages are mailed, Christmas card is sitting ready to be ordered and that's ok! :) We're usually the ones who mail them the first weekendin December. Some years we mix it up. This year is one of them. Love our pictures. love our cards, and love not stressing and having everything done so we can enjoy the season. So you can thank us when you get yours for extending the season. We always enjoy that when others do it. A little early, merry merry!

This year it is really on my heart the children are growing up fast. Our are little tykes ok, little people. Even still, it's' moving in a forward motion that reminds me I want to hold back time. Every time I buy the next size up and think I am buying too big or just for the length, I realize these 'little cherubs' are growing. May they be all that the God we celebrate wants them to be. Amen.

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