Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Still Enjoying The Blessings of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving was bountiful and blessed. 
The day reflected lots to be thankful for again - family, a wonderful year, great food and friends. 
We hosted friends from our old neighborhood.  It was delightful.  We truly had
an old-fashioned, family-fun, Thanksgiving.
Our menu was traditional with a twist.  We love the tried-and-true family recipes of old.
And yet we always like a little update and something new.  A new version of a good thing.
A more healthy, more time-efficient way, or a down-right tastier version.  This year with
entertaining other friends, we were very successful with the adaptation of a new take on an
old original Thanksgiving Dressing.  Happily, I report that my shining moment ;) came with
the final product, our lovely Thanksgiving Day Turkey. :)  I say that with a sacred tone simply 
because after slowly emerging from almost 14 years of vegetarian-ism culminating this year 
with me cooking a Turkey.  Well, I wanted it to all go well.  And let's just say I have not had
the past fourteen years of Thanksgiving experience at it.  
After much reading on the wide world of internets, I went with my husband's reminder of the one
time we did make the turkey for my family and we successfully used my brother and wife's 
'receipe' and it was loved by all.  This year was the best-ever turkey.  After a little pinch for time
and sticking with my instincts of providing for a table of eight - I went with a kosher ten pound - yes,
you heard me - 10 .lb turkey from Trader Joe's.  No preservatives, no false hormone growth, no 
brining - I'm just saying TJ's always pulls me through.  I mean how could I go wrong with Joe's behind
me.  And the little voice in my head reminded me that my husband's one request was not two weeks
of turkey sandwiches left over. :)   I did peak at Martha and get a little trick to add to my brother's
famous fool-proof recipe.  Since most of the family wants to know the recipe, I'll post later.  However,
I do have other things about Thanksgiving to report besides the food.  So next post up.



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