Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Cajun Thanksgiving Dressing
On this Eve of Thanksgiving, we have been readying ourselves to host Thanksgiving. Everything is going well except I just discovered I have gotten too comfortable in my abilities to take on the roll of Southern Martha Stewart. Or Paula Dean. I have done this about half of the Thanksgivings in our married life so I thought simple, just take each step. Until tonight, I am in the kitchen finalizing my Dressing as we call it. You know, so it can really merry the flavor overnight.

Now that I'm backing up, maybe I started the decline when I ventured off to please everyone. Let me explain. With a North Carolina mother and a New Orleans lawyer Daddy, I got Southern dressing for Thanksgiving Dinner. That being dressing with cornbread and oysters and pecans. (p-cahns! yes!) I got really close to duplicating my mother's classic best dressing in those early newlywed years of hosting my family. My mother securely passed along the recipe walking me through each step. It was about time after she continued hosting Thanksgiving for 25 years. She lost a little steam the year we unexpectedly lost our Daddy.... I'll fill you new readers in again once I can introduce you to him properly.

This year since our guests are New Orleans, the same ole French Cajun background, and French Canadian. I was pleased to discover Thanksgiving Dressing by my new friend, Ree @ We can actually possibly have a happy medium on the dressing cause - one dressing for all. Ree uses half french (get the theme here! :) and half cornbread dressing. It's a win-win situation and especially if you go look at her pictures. I so wanted to be Ree Pioneer Woman tomorrow with my new dressing. Herein lies the problem. I took a short cut. And a true Southern girl does not take a short cut on Thanksgiving Day. Yikes. What was I thinking! I was so sold on the organic nature of the Trader Joe's Cornbread "mix." It would have gone unnoticed except - it added sugar - right there on the ingredient list. I know better and I didn't think to look until tonight at 11:30pm after I tasted my final product and it tastes more like a dessert. And that is not a good Cajun Thanksgiving Dressing.

Well, not only is the day about Dressing but I hope tomorrow will carry a hearty helping of grace as everyone discovers my "sweet" dressing. Otherwise, we're set to have a Happy Thanksgiving! A thankful one as we savor the past year. Blessings to you all.



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