Thursday, December 13, 2007
Celebrating the Reason for the Season

The boys are enjoying the lights this year with such enthusiasim. And I have to tell ya'll they l.o.v.e the Nativity Scenes. Of course, we all do. It's funny how these are becoming more and more special each year. Who know, there just may be a Manger Scene in our near future of outdoor Christmas decor. It is indeed about the Birth of Christ for us. I will say I'm looking forward to giving and enjoying gifting. Yet, staying focused on the true meaning of this glorious season is our aim. The Nativity Story really set the stage for us. We had not seen it before this year. Other than fastforwarding a few of the scenes of the Roman soldiers and their antics, it was such a great depiction of what Christmas really is about for those who Believe.

I loved seeing Mary and Joseph in their roles. As a parent, this takes a completely different meaning. One I treasure and want to uphold.

On to logistics, luckily for me, I've used our dear friend, the world wide web to help me along with my purchases this year. It has been delightful and stress free. And how much more enjoyable than a parking lot full of tense drivers. Or lines of the same. And with all that free shipping, I think I've made a smart move. Now to wrap the presents that I do need to wrap. We're about half way with the wrapping project. Food isn't such a big deal this year. You heard me, that's saying a lot down South ya'll. Honestly, I have not found myself in the kitchen as much with our traditional recipes. We're still having the treats - particularly Thanks to our homegrown bakery, You're in for a treat if you consider adding what we call Christmas cake but it is their convivial, festive Doberge cake. Chocolate of all chocolate and quintessentially New Orleans. Joie de vive! Whose counting but we have Twelve Days Until Christmas! What do you have left to do?! Remember to take time to celebrate Baby Jesus!



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