Sunday, September 30, 2007
Farmer's Market Fall Fun & Paula Deen

Ya'll this was great. We had a fantastic fall day on Friday and went to the Farmer's Market. Aren't these just the cutest Pumpkins you've seen with the faces! (OK, actually the ones my own children painted last year are the cutest. These are a really close second.) The bounty we enjoy in this country is amazing. Wait the really great pic from my own "basket of plenty" isn't here. Ya'll have to see that. I was literally able to cross off half of my grocery list right there at the Farmer's Market - and that included stocking up on the spices I was out of at the time. Let me try to re-make my list without looking at the picture. Apples, Zucchini, Squash, Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Cucumbers, Sweet Potatoes, Chili Peppers (the red and orange ones), Pomegranite :), AND garlic powder, onion powder and Cheyenne :). We're happy campers. I need all of this when I get busy in my Emeril's Cookbook but hey, now we've got Paula Deen right here in our back yard! Life is good. God is a great God to create all this!


Saturday, September 29, 2007
Pray for the Copeland Farley Family
This very time is the Memorial for Copeland Farley. Please pray for the family in this time of loss. God's love is amazing and He is using this sweet, little family in one of lifes deepest trials to point us all to Him. Keep praying for them all. Boothe says it best so I'll let you read for yourself. Blessings.


Friday, September 28, 2007
Twin Brothers Will Have Fun
Twin brothers will have fun no matter what!
The latest game the boys love to play is "got ya!" As in, "look there's a star!" - "ah, got you to look." "no, look there's a hummer." "ha, got you to look." And so it goes.
Sometimes I need to quit thinking like an adult. These guys are too fun. We had the day-after Harvest Moon to goo-goo over tonight and then their
little game. It occurred to me as we wearily arrived home, that I could have joined in more than I did. They do teach me to enjoy each moment of each
day. So as I slowly was letting my guard down, thinking how dog-gone cute they are.... I "dropped" them off at the foot of our drive way as we were playing
the Bus Game. This consists of me picking them up for the bus ride and dropping them off. It's a fun game and I'm all for imagination. This is right about the time
I get myself in to the "twin spin" trouble. In the sixty-seconds it took me to 'park' the car and grab my purse, the 'little darlings' began to make "Jet Planes" out of their Happy Meal Boxes. Dear Lord, how do their minds work! In and of itself, it would have been cute except that in the boxes were the milk bottles, ketchup packets, etc. because I had actually confirmed that they had picked up their trash before "exiting" the bus. In no time, the yard, the front yard mind you, looked nothing less than looted. The boys had a little cleaning to do. Do any of ya'll struggle with this, when as we say here, "you give 'em an inch, they take a mile!" :) Another blessing I am lucky to live. Just another day in the life.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Autumn is here...

Autumn is here...and we decided to kick off the season with a day at the lake.

The quiet and serenity gave hint that summer was over, less people, less action... an amazing calm.

There is something about the outdoors that makes me thankful for this moment right here and now.

A picture does paint a thousand words so do enjoy this photo taken by a six year old. :) And as the Twins say, "God is good, all the time." Happy Fall to All!


Saturday, September 22, 2007
The Blessed One
The Lucky One. I'm pondering my new blog name. The Lucky One. Lucky you would say in a lot of ways. However, it's just a feeling that I translate which realistically means I am truly blessed by the Lord to have this life, right here, right now. It's a life that is so much more than I could ask or imagine. That is how great God is. Or, as my twin sons say, "God is good all the time."

Right now, I'm pondering this. too. Along with many others, I have added the Sellers family to our prayers as we watch them live out their faith in our Lord at a more than tenuous time. Like many, we sit in awe at our awesome God who prepares us and then answers our prayers as little Copeland gets to go home with her family. As Booth and Conor celebrate each living moment... are we?! Do we each day?! Does something like Trisomy 18 have to come along to get us all to stop and praise the living God who loves us all the same every day, who loves us beyond our human comprehension and understanding.

Generally, I try to keep a sense of the wonder of it all close at hand. So yes, I do feel lucky - really blessed. Yet, aren't we all! Aren't we all The Lucky One or The Blessed One - blessed with His love and mercies which are new every morning. God does use times like Baby Copeland is living out to delineate His love and presence in our lives. Let's grasp it as we pray on for this precious family.

The rest of this weekend I want to just set aside the cares of this world. The things that so easily beset our little family and just imagine that we were bringing our own precious twin sons home from the hospital for the first time with a very unknown time and with the thought that they had already surpassed their life expectancy. May we celebrate each moment with that kind of joy that only comes from heaven and from an amazing God. Afterall, our time is unknown. May we praise Him for each moment each day.


Thursday, September 20, 2007
Feeling Lucky!

Ya'll guess what I've done - I'm in the Dyson's Vacuum Give-Away. Isn't it cute! I can just see myself getting the house all snazzy. Not to mention how involved the children will really get with housekeeping now. They think my SwiferJet is cool - just you wait. :) Ya'll go sign up and come back by for a picture of me and my new pink friend once I win! :) Dyson is helping to find a cure for Breast Cancer.

Sign up here

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Our Last Weekend of Summer

We had a wonderful family time at the beach this past weekend. Can summer be over by this weeks end! It's been a great one and the ocean always puts things into persepctive. Ya'll, it was a perfect day! The sun, the sand and surf. The boys and daddy were boogie boarding and mommy made sand castles with the boys. The seafood was fresh and tasty bringing back days of New Orleans delights. The boys are a bit bigger this year, a bit faster and just more grown up. Can I capture this moment forever! Now, with a sigh, we say good-bye to summer.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Our Tribute

The Rocky Mountain News said it well, so I'll copy their tribute below. We miss her madly. She left us so much, taught us well the importance of family, love and God. See ya later Bisabuela! You're the best! Here she is pictured with her five great-grandchildren at her mountain home and two of her grandsons with the five great-grandchildren at her home. Enjoy!
It just seemed right to share a glimpse of her here. Her memorial was this past weekend. Here is the story as publised below...

Youthful at 97, *Betty* never quit teaching

Special To The Rocky September 11, 2007
*Betty* spent a recent birthday pushing a cart filled with various items through the halls of Boulder Community Hospital, where she was a longtime volunteer. At the end of the day, she decided she'd pushed enough carts enough miles and announced her retirement.
It was her 95th birthday.
Mrs. *Betty* often fooled people into thinking she was decades younger than she really was. On Aug. 20, she died at her son's home in Boulder, following a brief illness. She was 97.
Born in Texas in 1910, she moved to South America in the 1930s to teach social studies and English. It was there she met and married Leon H. *, in Cartagena, Colombia, in 1935.
When the family returned to the United States in 1959, they settled in Boulder, and Mrs. *Betty* resumed teaching, at Centennial Junior High School, where she remained until she retired in 1975.
"She had to retire at 65, but she didn't quit teaching," said her daughter-in-law, Jo Ellen *. "She was an outstanding teacher. That was her love."
She went on to teach Spanish to elementary children as a volunteer.
She also used her fluency in Spanish to serve as a volunteer translator at San Juan del Centro Clinic and at Boulder Community Hospital. She also went as an interpreter on two medical mission trips to Ciudad Mante, Mexico, when she was in her late 80s.
"Nobody tried to discourage her because they thought she was only in her 60s," said her son, Andy. "Nobody knew she was in her 90s."
He credits much of her longevity to her "rigid self-will."
Diagnosed with diabetes some 10 years ago - the same disease that took her husband's life in 1983 - she went on a strict diet that she maintained steadfastly until her death.
A longtime Republican, Mrs. *Betty* was active in party politics and caucuses. She was invited to the inauguration of the first President Bush.
Family was also important to her, Andy * said.
"She knew who every second, third and fourth cousin was," he said. "Her mother had (a total of) 108 children, grandchildren, great- grandchildren and great-great- grandchildren. And that was in 1964. So there's a bunch of us."
He said Mrs. *Betty* and her sisters maintained a round-robin letter for almost 40 years. That's how she kept track of the new births in the vast clan.
Mrs. *Betty* was preceded in death by her husband, her parents, five brothers and four sisters. She is survived by her son and his wife, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
Memorial services will be at 3 p.m. Saturday at First Presbyterian....


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Seriously, over the past six months, we've had a lot of change. OK, I think I got the first step of my old template copied over. Elle would be proud! How do you like it? I do. Here's where we're continuing the journey. What joy!

Getting Fancy
Since I am getting back to this blog, I want to change my template to my beautiful template from my old blog. And I am not sure how to - I would surely not want to lose what I have. There's a little meteaphor for life. Be thankful for what you've got! That's right and about where I'll leave it tonight until I attempt to make a change. Let's just say with Fall around the's in the air!


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