Friday, January 04, 2008
The Cherub and Peace on earth

We're still enjoying our New Year, a little bit of "Peace on Earth" and praying for healing of our
little boy.  The Cherub was diagnosed with pneumonia.   He is a real trooper, truly,
bless his heart.  His brother is being the responsible one delivering all the notebooks,
school papers and today cards back-and-forth from the teachers.

Today brought smiles to his face until he went to bed...his teacher had made an art
time for all of his classmates to make him 'Get Well' cards.  Our little boy was ecstatic when
he read all the good wishes from his friends.  And the picture of the basketball court with the
message that the team needs him was better than the medicine he is taking. 
Here's to great teachers, classmates, brothers and a great God who heals. 
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers our way.


Blogger Carmen said...

I saw your comment on my blog and I have to say that I am stumped. I can't figure out who you are...I'm assuming that I know you or I wouldn't have sent you a Christmas card. Help! : )


P.S. Leave a comment on my blog so I can figure it out...please! : )

Blogger Carmen said...

Thanks for the heads up! Nathan (Hatushili) filled me in...I knew that I "met" you somewhere! Thanks for the best wishes!


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